“Queen Bey at it again: A glimpse behind-the-scenes of Lemonade, featuring Beyonce’s impressive stunt skills”

Despite having released Lemonade four months ago, Beyonce still looks back fondly on the success of the album. The 34-year-old songstress recently shared almost 50 exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the making of the visual album on her personal website.

She does it all! Beyonce shared several behind-the-scenes snaps from her visual album Lemonade on Monday as she posted this one of her performing her own stunts

Beyonce is a true multi-talented artist! Recently, she shared some behind-the-scenes snapshots from her visual album Lemonade. One of the pictures showed the star performing her own stunts while wearing her iconic yellow dress. The fun-filled pictures also included others from the set, and Beyonce even declared it National Lemonade Day. It was so popular that the hashtag trended on Twitter and other social media networks.

Loved up: The 34-year-old even shared this intimate black and white snap of her cuddling up with Jay-Z

Smitten: Beyoncé, who is 34 years old, recently posted a cozy black and white photo with Jay-Z, showcasing their affection.

Showing her style: She had her hair up in intricate braids

Displaying her flair: She had styled her hair into elaborate braids.

Stunning: She had two huge pigtails and tribal make-up on her face in a black and white photo

Absolutely gorgeous: In a striking black and white photograph, she sported two massive pigtails and tribal-inspired makeup on her face.

Gorgeous: She sat on the corner of a bed in a sultry snap

Beautiful: Perched on the edge of a bed, she exuded a sultry vibe in an exquisite pose.

Boy bye: She posed in front of a bus in another black and white snap

“Boy bye!” exclaimed Beyonce as she stood confidently in front of a bus in one of the black and white photographs taken for her visual album. The image was made even more striking by the fact that she held a baseball bat in one hand, while an explosion erupted behind her. Other captivating photos from the shoot included one of Beyonce snuggled up to her husband Jay-Z, both gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. As proud parents to Blue Ivy, the couple shared an intimate moment with Beyonce resting her hand on the chest of her 46-year-old rapper spouse.

Making a splash: The Queen Bey posed in a tub

Creating waves: Beyoncé, popularly known as Queen Bey, was seen striking a pose in a bathtub.

Protest jams: She also posed playfully with a 'Boycott Beyonce' sign

Having a good time at the protest, she even took some playful photos with a sign that read ‘Boycott Beyonce’.

This girl is on fire: Her silhouette could be seen in front of a burning background

The young lady is ablaze: One can discern her outline against a fiery setting.

Victorian: She could be seen in a retro dress while posing at the end of a tunnel

In a vintage outfit, the lady was captured striking a pose at the tunnel’s exit during the Victorian era.

Hold your breath: One fantastic snap showed Beyonce under water

Get ready to be amazed as we take a dive into Beyonce’s latest snapshots. A stunning photo captures the music icon submerged underwater, giving off an ethereal vibe. Another picture features her relaxing in a wooden tub, wearing a striking silver head wrap and gazing straight into the camera. The black and white shots showcase Beyonce’s beauty as her long locks are styled into braids while donning a furry-sleeved jacket, a pineapple-emblazoned bodysuit, and black leather chaps. These striking photos were taken during the filming of Beyonce’s Lemonade video in late 2015.

Pretty: She had her hair braided in another snap as she rocked a fur coat

Beautiful: In a different photo, she wore her hair in braids and looked stunning while sporting a cozy fur coat.

Uncomfortable: The mother of Blue Ivy posed while wrapped up in see-through material

Awkward: Beyoncé, the mother of Blue Ivy, was photographed in a revealing outfit made of transparent material.

Crushing it: She also shared a photo of a monster truck running cars over next to one of her behind the wheel of the vehicle

Doing great: Additionally, she posted a picture of a colossal truck demolishing cars beside an image of herself driving the same vehicle.

Scenic: There was a rather dangerous pose on a ledge

The view was breathtaking but also a bit risky with someone posing on the edge. Beyonce’s Lemonade and its accompanying album garnered global attention due to its lyrics that tackled infidelity and Beyonce’s marriage to rapper Jay Z, who is 46 years old. The intense visual album featured scenes of Beyonce smashing cars with a baseball bat and explored themes of cheating, vengeance, and ultimately, reconciliation. One particular line where she mentions ‘Becky with the good hair’ caused a commotion as people speculated about the identity of Jay Z’s mistress.

Loved up: There was also an image of several Polaroids featuring Bey and Jay

Smitten: Additionally, a collection of Polaroid snapshots showcasing Beyoncé and Jay-Z was also present.

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