“Gal Gadot’s White-Hot Look Steals the Show at AOL Build Series with Wonder Woman Co-Stars, Chris Pine and Connie Nielsen”

Gal Gadot certainly knows how to flaunt her stunning figure, as was evident during the promotion of her upcoming summer film. She looked gorgeous in multiple outfits on Tuesday, but she saved her best look for the AOL Build Series event in New York. Along with her Wonder Woman co-stars, the 32-year-old actress donned a white dress that left everyone mesmerized. Check out the video below to see her stunning appearance.

Pretty girl: Gal Gadot wore a white mini dress as she hit the AOL Build Series in NYC on Tuesday

The beautiful Gal Gadot chose a stunning white mini dress for her appearance at the AOL Build Series in New York City on Tuesday.

Details: The dress had a pretty neck line with scalloped edges and a plunging cut that showed off her chest

The dress she wore had an enchanting neck line that featured delicately scalloped edges. The plunging cut of the dress gracefully exposed her chest, adding to her overall elegance. To ensure comfort, she paired the dress with sleek black flats. Additionally, the actress from Israel sported a bold and daring black manicure, which complemented her outfit perfectly.

Her cast: (from left) With director Patty Jenkins and actors Connie Nielsen, Chris Pine

The group in the cast photo consists of director Patty Jenkins and actors Connie Nielsen and Chris Pine, starting from the left.

A more formal portrait: The director and her team on the Build carpet

A less formal depiction: The boss lady and her crew posing on the Build rug.

Snazzy man:  Pine wore a light beige suit and had his hair nicely groomed with shiny shoes

Dapper dude: Pine sported a chic, light-toned beige suit with immaculately groomed hair and polished shiny shoes. Meanwhile, earlier that day, Gadot made her way to Good Morning America in a stunning blue outfit. Her superhero physique was the highlight of her ensemble as she donned a form-fitting dress that drew attention to her toned figure. The cherry on top was her choice of footwear – the same comfortable black flats she wore throughout the day.

Blue bomber: Gadot, 32, looked incredible arriving at Good Morning America on Tuesday

Gadot, who is 32 years of age, made quite an entrance at Good Morning America on Tuesday. She looked stunning and confident in her sleeveless top that highlighted her ample bosom and had a ruffled waistline. Her skirt was short and closely hugged her curves, stopping right above the knee. The brunette beauty kept her long hair loose and swept to one side. To complete the look, she wore black flats with gemstones and cutouts. It’s worth mentioning that Gadot is a recent mother.

Wonder-ful: The Israeli star oozed confidence as she arrived in a sleeveless top that accentuated her bountiful bosom and ruffled at the waist

The stunning Israeli actress exuded confidence as she arrived wearing a sleeveless top that highlighted her ample cleavage and ruffled at the waist. Despite her effortless entrance, it’s hard to imagine that Gadot had previously faced issues with her Wonder Woman costume not fitting correctly. In fact, when she first tried it on, the actress revealed to The Sun On Sunday that she “couldn’t breathe” due to how tight it was. However, determined to make the outfit more comfortable, she hit the gym and was delighted to discover that it fit much better after her workout.

Wishful thinking: Gadot said playing the iconic superhero has always been a dream

Gal Gadot expressed that portraying the legendary superhero has been a desire of hers for a long time. During an interview with Collider in March, she mentioned that she always had an aspiration to play Wonder Woman, even without realizing it. Gal desires to exhibit the potency of women as she believes that there aren’t enough stories that showcase strong and independent women. To her surprise, she eventually landed the role of Wonder Woman five years later. The much-awaited movie will hit the cinemas on June 2, 2017.

Box office smash: Wonder Woman arrives in theaters June 2 2017

Get ready to witness the highly anticipated superhero film, Wonder Woman, as it hits the big screen on June 2, 2017! This blockbuster movie is set to break records and leave fans in awe with its action-packed storyline and stunning visuals. Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on this epic experience!

Wardrobe change: She was later seen in a pretty striped dress

Outfit switch-up: Afterward, she appeared donning a lovely striped dress.

Comfie shoes: And she added white sneakers, leaving the Louboutins at home

Comfortable footwear: She opted for a pair of white sneakers, giving her Louboutins a break. On a later occasion, she was spotted with Chris Pine, her co-star in Wonder Woman, as they attended the AOL Build series. Chris looked suave in his light suit and well-groomed hair, while Gal changed into a chic above-the-knee white dress.

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