Vin Diesel shares heartfelt thoughts on his beloved late co-star and friend, Paul Walker, from the Fast and Furious franchise.


Vin Diesel, the well-known personality of The Fast And Furious series, takes time to reflect upon his late colleague and co-conspirator Paul Walker.


Back in 2001, if someone had told us that The Fast and the Furious franchise would still be going strong with its seventh instalment after 14 years, we would have laughed in their face. However, now we eat our words as we sit here opposite an emotional Vin Diesel, who is in Beijing to promote the latest movie. Despite a constantly changing cast and crew, the franchise about street racers who become an elite squad of driving superheroes continues to rake in billions of dollars at the international box office with each new movie. However, Furious 7 is different. It marks the end of an era and the friendship between Diesel’s character Dom and Brian O’Connor, played by Paul Walker, who died in a car accident in 2013. Walker was a fan favourite and the only star to appear in all the instalments except the second. His death was heartbreaking for fans, cast, and crew alike, as the franchise is built on themes of family, brotherhood, togetherness, and survival. The cast has been publicly upset about Walker’s death, with Diesel choked up and breaking down in front of the cameras. He named his newborn baby Pauline in honour of his friend. “This movie is emotionally so much more powerful than anything the world would expect,” said Diesel, adding that it’s bittersweet but special.


A: There are countless memories I have with Paul Walker that I hold dear to my heart. While I have many best friends and consider many people as my brothers, Paul was one-of-a-kind in my life. He understood what it was like to go from being a nobody to a somebody, from anonymity to icon, in a way that no one else could relate to. It’s something we talked about often, and he was the only person who truly understood how that felt.

Here’s something that I don’t think anyone knows about Paul: when you grow up poor and suddenly find success, money comes with it. People often assume that money changes the person, which is true to some extent since it alters your lifestyle. But what’s less obvious is how it changes those around you. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t care about money and prefers to wear simple clothes, others will still view you through the lens of your wealth and sometimes even overlook you altogether.

The author discusses the perception of sensitivity towards themselves and actor Paul Walker. Both individuals are not materialistic and do not showcase expensive items. However, before filming, the author experienced entitlement from family members who expected favors. The author’s frustration led to a conversation between their mother and Paul Walker. The author admits to crying while watching Furious 7. The song “See You Again” played at the end of the film, which was written by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. Puth wrote the song in ten minutes, inspired by his friend’s car crash. The ending of the movie was altered to honor Paul Walker’s legacy, and the director, James Wan, did an exceptional job.


Justin Lin, the director of the three previous Fast and Furious films, played a significant role in the creation of the saga’s final ending. The theme of family was incorporated into the films, particularly for Brian O’Conner’s character, which allowed for a cohesive thread throughout the series. James Wan was an excellent director and partner, allowing for creative freedom and fun on set. However, credit must also be given to Rob Cohen, who directed the first film, and Justin Lin for standing by the theme of family and allowing it to breathe in the saga, making the miraculous ending possible. The film dealt with the tragedy of Paul Walker’s death gracefully, choosing to prioritize the importance of family over a revenge plot. The studio was supportive of exploring fatherhood and creating an emotionally impactful ending that made the audience laugh, cry, and cheer. Making a whole audience cheer is a unique aspect of filmmaking that is often overlooked as an art form and should be appreciated. Furious 7 is a one-of-a-kind film that the cast and crew are proud of.

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