Unlocking Your Potential: In-Depth Conversation with Gal Gadot About Seizing Control of Your Destiny

adult female person woman publication fashion jewelry necklace dress sweaterGal Gadot, the Israeli actress known for her roles in action and Disney movies, recently sat down for a video call from her Los Angeles home. Despite her busy schedule as an actor, producer, entrepreneur, mother, and wife, Gadot exuded enthusiasm. She revealed that she finds it hard to unwind because she always needs to be doing something. Gadot is currently working on producing and starring in Netflix’s upcoming action thriller, Heart of Stone, where she plays Rachel Stone, a spy. She invested her time and expertise in the film’s development process. Gadot also founded Goodles, a brand that creates healthy macaroni and cheese, and played antagonistic characters in Snow White and many other projects. In her interview with L’OFFICIEL, Gadot discusses her upcoming plans, how imposter syndrome affects her, and her grandfather’s legacy, who survived the Holocaust.

Clad in a stunning PRADA dress andaorned with a breathtaking TIFFANY CO necklace and earrings from their archives, I had the privilege of recording a video at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. I was approached by the Righteous Persons Foundation to be a part of this project, but I had no clue about the magnitude of what I was going to narrate or where it would be showcased. Needless to say, I was both stunned and humbled when I found out. My grandfather was one of the few survivors of Auschwitz who lost his entire family there.

At the age of fourteen, he could not have imagined that decades later, his granddaughter would narrate the story of his experiences in that hellish place. For a long time, he chose not to speak about his traumatic memories, as they were too painful. It was only after the death of his grandmother that he realized how fleeting life is and opened up to us. Despite the trauma he faced, my grandfather overcame it with love, forgiveness, and by urging people to be kind and compassionate while sharing his story. He has the most endearing eyes, without an ounce of anger or resentment, making him the most adorable teddy bear. I feel grateful to have experienced this trip with him and to continue the legacy of being the grandchild of a survivor. Countless similar stories have been lost over time, which makes me appreciate this opportunity even more. The human soul remains unaltered, and love, compassion, acceptance, and community are crucial to creating a better society. On the other hand, divisions, hatred, fear, and envy are counterproductive and do not bring us any closer to living a fulfilling life.

By donning INTERIOR Apparel and accessorizing with TIFFANY CO earrings, you not only take on the lead role in Heart of Stone but also play a major role in producing the project. The unique aspect of this endaor lies in both its production and acting, as my husband Jaron Versano and I started our own production company to take control of our future. Waiting for opportunities is not my style, which is why Heart of Stone was one of our first ideas. Typically, movies with female leads are geared towards female audiences, but with the success of Wonder Woman, we saw that universal storylines can resonate with all viewers. We noticed a gap in the market for raw action movies featuring a relatable female lead, rather than the typical polished Hollywood hero.

As an actor, the process of receiving a script and having limited input can sometimes be a breeze. You don’t have to worry about creating something from scratch. However, there’s something special about building something with your own hands that brings a unique thrill and satisfaction. Working with my husband has raised some eyebrows and caused some skepticism among people, but our collaboration has been successful due to the dynamic of our relationship. Jaron’s business expertise was a valuable addition to my creative process. When he had the option to continue in real estate or join me, we saw the potential for him to be the missing piece in my creative process. Who better to manage my interests than my partner?


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