The Youtube view record was just broken by a MV (movie music) released by Shakira and her crew, with more than 63.5 million views in just 24 hours. With that record, “Out of Your League” became the most popular Latin track on digital platforms at the moment.

The 4-minute song tells Shakira’s story with the famous former Barcelona Football Club player Gerard Pique, with sad memories, immediately took over the airwaves as soon as it was released.

In the song, Shakira compared the lameness between her and Pique, by comparing Ferrari with Renault Twingo or Rolex with Casio. The story of the singer’s dissatisfaction with the Spanish government forcing her to pay an income tax fine of up to 12.8 million pounds, which she said was extremely unreasonable, was also included in the lyrics of the song. sing.


Singer Shakira and football player Gerard Pique broke up last June, after more than a decade of marriage. Shakira is nearly 10 years older than Pique and has two children together. Pique, who was 35 years old at the time of the divorce, broke up with his new love interest, a 23-year-old girl.