Taylor Swift is a pop superstar, but she’s also an economic juggernaut.

Just ask Donuts Delite. On Thursday, the shop at 1700 Empire Blvd. unveiled doughnuts bearing Swift’s likeness to coincide with her expected appearance at Orchard Park on Sunday, when the Buffalo Bills host the Kansas City Chiefs in an AFC Division Round playoff.

Almost immediately, the move forced the shop into overdrive.

“It’s insane,” said owner Nick Semeraro, who had to bring in 30 extra workers to keep up with demand. “The phones are ringing like crazy.”

A doughnut platter with Bills- and Chiefs-branded doughnuts encircling an oversized cinnamon-flavored flying saucer doughnut with Swift’s image ($45) and individual “Swiftie” doughnuts ($4) are flying out the door.

So far, at least 2,000 Swift-themed pastries have sold, including around 500 between 6 and 9 a.m. Friday, Semeraro said.

“We didn’t really know how many Taylor Swift fans there were,” Semeraro said. “There’s a lot.”

The café sells Bills-themed doughnuts all season and currently is offering a Bills-themed platter.


“It’s holding its own,” he said. “We are promoting them together. We always make sure to promote our home team we love. It’s, like, what we do.”

All the “Swiftie” doughnuts are piped with Tiffany blue icing, said to be the singer’s favorite color, and the individual doughnuts are filled with strawberry cream, because strawberry is one of her favorite flavors.

“We did some research,” Semeraro said.

Her likeness and that of Bills players are printed on wafer-thin edible paper placed on top of a thick layer of ʙuттercream frosting.


“We’ve printed out hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages,” he said.

Semeraro isn’t surprised by the backlash.

“But last night, the whole diner was full of dads buying Taylor Swift doughnuts for their daughters,” he said. “This is why you take these chances.”

Or, in the words of one Facebook commenter, “Who knew a literal donut could upset all the dads, Brads and Chads” — an expression Swift coined to describe men who get upset over her being “shown too much” on camera by the NFL.


Swift-themed doughnuts will be available at Donuts Delite through Sunday.

Semeraro recommends pre-ordering. “We have some in the store, but there’s already hundreds ordered.”

The doughnuts also are being sold at Donuts Delite West, 674 W. Ridge Road, but supplies were sold out on Friday. The store expects to have more “Swiftie” doughnuts available Saturday and Sunday, but again, pre-orders are encouraged.

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