Swapping the Court for the Greens: Is Golf Stephen Curry’s Post-Retirement Path?

When Stephen Curry is not chasing glory in the NBA with the Golden State Warriors, he is most likely heading to a golf course. Apart from spending time with his beloved family, Curry has often taken to golf courses during his time off basketball action.

However, the 2-time NBA MVP does not just play golf as a hobby. So will he take up a career in golf after hanging up his boots in basketball?

Stephen Curry has taken the golfing world by storm

Stephen Curry has changed the game of basketball with his three-point mastery. His unparalleled shooting skill has elevated him to legendary status in the NBA. However, his passion for golf has made him a high-profile athlete in the golfing world too.

The 4-time NBA champion has often left fans and experts awestruck with his golfing abilities. Be it long hole-in-ones or impeccable puts in close range, Curry has shown his brilliance in golf as well. Golf has been a regular offseason activity for the 9-time All-Star who has often stated how serious he takes his golfing endaors. Interestingly, he also has accolades to back his pursuits.


Curry received a huge honor earlier this year when PGA Tour Champions named him the 2023 Ambassador of Golf. He also won the American Century Championship last month to further solidify his credibility as a golfing star. Additionally, the former Finals MVP also racked up an impressive handicap score of +1.3.

Given his skill and history with the sport, there is no doubt Curry is an incredible golfer. However, his interest in the sport is so deep that fans started speculating a retirement from the NBA to pursue a golfing career. Luckily, Curry nipped these speculations in the bud.

Curry dismisses a retirement from basketball

After his sensational win at Lake Tahoe in the American County Championship, a reporter asked Curry if he is considering retirement from basketball to pursue a golfing career. However, Chef dismissed the speculations, stating the league’s new CBA terms.

Don’t worry, Steph isn’t retiring from hoops to pursue his golf career pic.twitter.com/yGQjLaEeQu

mdash; Warriors on NBCS (@NBCSWarriors) July 17, 2023

“Have y’all seen the CBA terms in NBA? Life is good in the league. I’ll be alright,” he replied, cracking up the room full of reporters. However, a career in golf post-retirement may not seem too far-fetched for the 34-year-old.

Curry is undoubtedly a highly talented golfer. His passion for the sport too, seems deeply rooted. This may prompt the Warriors guard to consider a career in the sport after retiring from basketball.

While his father Dell Curry pursued a career in announcing post-retirement, Curry may not be willing to follow his father’s footsteps in this journey. Curry knows his golfing talent is definitely too good to be shelved after his retirement from basketball.

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