Ronaldo shows off his six-pack abs at the age of 38 before facing Lionel Messi


As the most crucial part of the season approaches, the Portuguese striker is in a race against time to rehabilitate after suffering an injury.


“Thank you for the blessings” was the status line that Cristiano Ronaldo placed on his personal page. He also included a snapshot of himself that displayed his six-pack abs.

Ronaldo khoe thân hình “đẹp như tạc tượng” trên du thuyền




Despite the fact that Ronaldo is set to turn 39 years old, he still maintains a toned body. The Portuguese veteran has been following a scientific diet and training routine for a considerable amount of time, and this is the result of his efforts.


In the past, Ronaldo experienced muscle problems shortly before departure for the tour in China. Despite the fact that he has arrived in the nation that is home to billions of people, CR7 is still unable to play. It was necessary for Al Nassr to reschedule the visit to the month of August this year because they were compelled to cancel two friendly matches with Shenhua Club Shanghai and Zhejiang.


5 bài tập thân trên tạo 6 múi sắc nét như Ronaldo


Yesterday, on the 30th of January, Ronaldo resumed his workout routine. In spite of this, coach Luis Castro requested that he practice in a different setting in order to guarantee his continued safety.


It is still possible that the superstar, who is 38 years old, will participate in the match that Lionel Messi will play versus Inter Miami on February 1st, which will take place in the early morning hours. CR7 must be in good health for Al Nassr to be able to compete in the crucial sprint portion of the season. Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, is still in the running for championships in two of the most important leagues in the world: the Saudi Pro League and the AFC Champions League.

Cơ bụng 6 múi của Ronaldo ở tuổi 37 | Bóng Đá


Ronaldo is performing at his best this season, scoring 20 goals in 18 appearances in the Scottish Premier League. He has also been doing well on the continental arena, where he has scored three goals.

Danh thủ Cristiano Ronaldo gây sốt với ảnh khoe cơ bắp cuồn cuộn


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