NS. Meet a A cute cat with a charming mustache is comparing it to the late superstar Freddie Mercury gaining popularity on social media.

Mostaccioli – a famous cat born with a black mark above its lip is driving the internet “crazy.” The stray kitten was found by owner Natalie in California (USA) along with three siblings when it was just one day old on August 

Mostaccioli has grown up and is now an adored pet with thousands of online fans quickly noticing its resemblance to the “Queen” singer – Freddie Mercury, who passed away from HIV on November 24, 1991.

Bộ ria mép của Mostaccioli khiến con mèo hoang trở nên nổi bật.

Mercury – the singer known for his vibrant stage personality and distinctive mustache.

The mother of the kitten is a severely underweight wild Bombay cat. Natalie quickly brought the litter to a crib at her workplace, ensuring their health and well-being. However, when it came time to find them a new home, she couldn’t bear to part with Mostaccioli and decided to adopt the beautiful pet, who is now nearly a year and a half old.

Initially, Mostaccioli’s colorful mustache didn’t attract much attention, but it later developed into an impressively distinctive feature that social media users adore.

“Hahaha, she just has a cat resting face, she’s super sweet,” the owner responded to another user’s comment on a photo where the cat looked particularly unimpressed.

“Overload of cuteness,” another user added.

Another person wrote: “Love the mustache.”

Some noticed the resemblance between Mostaccioli and the Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, famous for his outstanding contributions. They left comments such as “If Freddie Mercury were a cat…” and “That’s Freddie Mercury.”

However, some felt that the cat truly resembled the comedian and actor Julius Henry ‘Groucho’ Marx, who also had a thick mustache. “Groucho kitty,” one commented. “Groucho Marx. Adorable kitten,” another person added, including heart and heart-eyes emojis.

The cat’s mustache has even become darker and more prominent over time.

In addition to the striking mustache, Mostaccioli also has piercing green eyes.

Mostaccioli is now a happy and cherished pet under the care of Natalie.

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