“Memoriam Ink: Ja Morant Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant with Fresh Tattoos”

Memphis Grizzlies’ outstanding point guard, Ja Morant, has kept a low profile on social media this season. However, he recently made an appearance on @inkednba’s Instagram account to showcase his new tattoos. The post featured three images of Morant’s fresh ink, accompanied by the caption:

“Wow, Ja’s back is looking amazing!” He teamed up with @ortega_ink to add some new artwork to his back and front. The design includes various tributes to Kobe Bryant and the phrase “Life’s a gamble.” On his back, there are also logos of all the basketball teams he has played for throughout his career. What’s your opinion on it?

Morant put great attention to detail in his artwork, incorporating symbols that hold personal meaning to him. He ensured that each stroke of ink was a reflection of his identity and roots, including his basketball journey and admiration for Kobe Bryant.

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