Meet Leon, a former stray cat who has now become a lawyer, wearing a uniform with a charming and authoritative appearance.


Being admitted as an official employee of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), the cat Leon has been issued an ID card, provided with a uniform, and receives a salary like a regular staff member.

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Leon Advogato, a famous cat in Brazil, holds the position of an “involuntary lawyer.” Adopted by the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) around February of this year, Leon sought shelter at the OAB headquarters due to heavy rain in the region at that time.

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Initially, Leon’s presence caused discomfort for some people who were afraid of stepping on him, leading to complaints filed with the leadership. Despite the criticism, Leon persisted in lounging around the OAB office reception to attract attention. The Siamese cat always displayed a friendly demeanor towards anyone it encountered

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Not only does Leon have an ID card and uniform like a regular employee, but he also receives a salary in the form of cat food. Leon even has his own office. His responsibilities include welcoming guests and catching mice for the Brazilian Bar Association building.

Since Leon’s arrival, the working atmosphere at OAB has become more positive and cheerful. “Now everyone loves this cat, even those who were initially annoyed with Leon have become comfortable pampering him. Leon’s favorite spot is the president Auriney’s sofa. He likes playing with toys in that area,” said lawyer Jeanette Laredo.

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Leon had issues with his vocal cords due to mistreatment, making it difficult for him to meow like his counterparts. This led to the establishment of the Leon Law Institute by OAB, dedicated to protecting animal rights and assisting other abandoned animals. As there wasn’t enough space to shelter all wandering animals, OAB supported local non-governmental organizations in this endeavor.chu meo luat su brazil anh 8

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Lawyer Jeanette Laredo, Leon’s advocate, mentioned creating an Instagram account for the cat and regularly posting humorous photos of him.chu meo luat su brazil anh 11

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In addition to well-known “power cats” such as Larry (Chief Mouser at the UK Cabinet Office), Limberbutt McCubbins (a cat granted citizenship in Kentucky), Barsik (the cat mayor in Russia), Leon Advogato is equally famous. This cat has over 107,000 followers on social media.

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