“Love prevails! Jay Z and Beyonce share a sweet moment on stage in New Jersey, silencing cheating rumors and keeping the show alive”

In an effort to dispel rumors of infidelity, Jay Z publicly showed his love for his wife Beyonce by kissing her on stage in New Jersey during their On The Run tour. The couple has been performing across the United States and have been openly affectionate towards each other during each show.

Kiss the girl: Jay Z planted a smooch on his wife Beyonce mid-performance on Friday night in New Jersey

Jay Z surprised the audience during Beyonce’s performance in New Jersey on Friday night with a sweet kiss. The romantic gesture happened after Beyonce wowed the crowd with her stunning performances while clad in revealing outfits. She wore a bodysuit with fishnetting that covered her thighs and chest, paired with thigh-high boots and a small cape around her waist. Jay Z wrapped his arm around her as she leaned in for a kiss, showcasing their love for each other in front of the adoring crowd.

Don't run from her! The 32-year-old wore a variety of eye-popping costumes onstage

Don’t miss out on her performance! Throughout her time on stage, the 32-year-old donned an array of mesmerizing outfits that are sure to grab your attention.

Standing together: The famous couple are currently on their joint On The Run tour

The well-known duo is currently embarking on their collaborative On The Run tour, showcasing their unity on stage.

Another tender smooch: The 44-year-old made sure to offer his wife plenty of affection to the delight of the audience

Yet another sweet kiss was shared during the performance by Jay Z, who at the age of 44 donned an all-white suit along with a matching T-shirt, gold chain, and black beanie. The audience was thrilled to witness the couple’s display of affection on stage. Apart from this, the hip hop mogul also embraced his wife from behind while donning a snapback cap matched with a grey shirt and jeans for another number.

Talking it out: Beyonce got up close and personal with her audience

Having a heart-to-heart: Beyonce took the opportunity to connect intimately with her fans.

Plenty of backup: The All The Single Ladies singer got some aid from scantily clad performers

Beyoncé, the famous singer behind the hit song “All The Single Ladies”, received support from performers dressed in revealing clothing.

All capped off: Queen Bey donned a captain's topper for another routine

Queen Bey added a touch of nautical flair to her latest performance by sporting a captain’s hat. The iconic singer paired the hat with a sultry lingerie-inspired catsuit, complete with fishnet stockings and boots. Fans have been showing their support for Beyonce amidst rumors of an affair with business mogul Jay-Z. Singer Mya has denied any such allegations, shutting down rumors on Instagram and receiving praise from fans for speaking out.

So patriotic: The songstress wore an American flag as a cape tied around her waist

The singer displayed her love for her country by draping a US flag around her waist like a cape.

Dancing for him: Jay Z rapped as his wife got down in front of him

Jay Z delivered a rap performance while his partner showcased her dancing skills before him.

Intimate moment: Beyonce pulled out all the stops when it came to onstage fashion

Beyonce wowed the crowd with her impeccable onstage fashion, leaving no stone unturned in her efforts to look stunning. Mya, on the other hand, made it clear that she doesn’t play second fiddle to anyone. She takes care of herself, pays her own bills, runs her own label and management company, and relies solely on God. Moreover, she respects herself and her marriage too much to indulge in any nonsensical behavior. Mya also slammed the rumors that were created for the sake of ratings and numbers. She believed that unhappy people need someone to judge, just to feel better about their miserable lives. She also added that if they could do it to Jesus, they would do it to anyone. So, let’s leave the drama behind and bless each other with positivity. The rumors about a short-named R&B singer having an affair with Jay-Z began when a blind item surfaced online.

Looking her best: The performer showed off her lean and toned figure

Looking her best: The performer showed off her lean and toned figure

Putting her best foot forward: The artist flaunted her slender and well-defined physique.

Bird of paradise: The singer got a bit daring with some of her ensembles

The performer took some fashion risks with her outfits while on stage. Additionally, Beyonce caused rumors about the status of her and her partner’s relationship after she modified the lyrics to her song Resentment during their On The Run concert in Ohio. Previously written about a cheating scandal, she changed the words to reflect the length of their romance, singing “Been ridin’ with you for 12 years. Why did I deserve to be treated this way by you? (sic)” instead of the original “Been ridin’ with you for six years.”

Staying cool: The couple posed dramatically

Keeping it Chill: The duo struck a dramatic pose.

Feeling it: Bey opted for Daisy Dukes and a biker jacket for one song

Beyonce chose to wear a biker jacket and Daisy Dukes for one of her songs, and she altered the lyrics to include an insult directed towards someone. Nonetheless, rumors about relationship issues between her and her husband Jay-Z are rumored to be untrue. The two began their tour in Miami on June 25th, and they will conclude the North American portion of the tour in San Francisco on August 6th. Two more dates have been added in Paris, France, in September. They are proud parents to their two-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

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