LeBron James meets a young fan and writes her a heartwarming letter



LeBron James meets a young fan and writes her a heartwarming letter

Getting to watch one’s favorite athlete perform in person is quite an experience, but getting to meet him and make a connection with him is something one will never forget.

It happened to a young girl on Tuesday when the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the New Orleans Pelicans 123-108.

Although LeBron James is out with a right foot tendon injury, he joined his team on the bench, and at one point, a young girl mustered the courage to go up to him and ask him to autograph her copy of James’ “I Promise” book, which he did.

The Lakers posted the video of the heartwarming moment on their official Twitter account.

Goodnight, Lakers fam ? pic.twitter.com/bcCpBj6PrH

— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) March 15, 2023

But there was more, as James later wrote a message to the young fan on Wednesday and gave her some words of inspiration and edification.

Via ClutchPoints:

“Dear Parker, nice meeting you! You’re a beautiful Young Black Queen! Don’t let nothing stop [yo]u from being whatever your mind and heart desires! Just from our short encounter yesterday I know you’re destined for greatness and I will always love you!!! God bless you and best wishes to you! Sincerely Mr. LeBron James aka Bugs Bunny friend!” James wrote on Instagram.

Sometimes all it takes for someone to pursue their dreams and reach their potential is to have one person let them know that they can attain whatever they want to accomplish in life.

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