Jennifer Lopez directs her anger at paparazzi during recent outing with Ben Affleck



Jennifer Lopez caused a stir after she was spotted with her husband Ben Affleck getting McDonalds for the fifth time during a span of two weeks.


The Hollywood diva has created a media frenzy after a controversial encounter with paparazzi during her outing, a picture of which has went viral on the internet.

In a photograph snapped by a photographer, JLo was seen expressing her discontent and frustration in a rather unconventional manner, using a rude gesture with her finger.

This unexpected display of emotion left many speculating about the reasons behind her uncharacteristic reaction with some guessing that it might be because of Ben Affleck.

Some other social media users suggest that Lopez directed her anger she had at Affleck on the photographers while others were of the opinion that she might vented her frustration toward something a paparazzo must have done.

The real reason, however, remains a mystery but has sparked a wide range of opinions and reactions across social networks and in the media.

Many have voiced their support for Lopez, highlighting the importance of defending her right to privacy, on social media platforms, as per Marca Magazine.

They argue that celebrities, just like anyone else, deserve personal space and the ability to express their emotions without constant scrutiny.

On the other hand, some critics have condemned the Hollywood star for her abrupt gesture, claiming that it was an unnecessary display of rudeness.

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