‘It’s okay baby’: Taylor Swift spotted consoling boyfriend Travis Kelce after Kansas City Chiefs tеɾɾιblе defeat


After Taylor Swift traveled half way across the nation to witness Travis Kelce lose for the second straight game, the pop sensation and the distraught-looking Kelce were spotted holding hands as they left Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday night.

Taylor Swift gazes lovingly at her boyfriend Travis Kelce as they leave Arrowhead together

Swift took an early Sunday morning flight from New Jersey to Kansas City to attend her sixth-season Chiefs game against the Bills; unfortunately, the defending Super Bowl champions were defeated once more.

Swift then waved back at fans as her and Kelce were carted away to a waiting vehicle

But with Kelce’s famous girlfriend here, the impact of the loss might be somewhat mitigated as they get ready to spend more time together before Taylor’s 34th birthday on Wednesday.

After the Buffalo Bills defeated the team 20–17, Kelce and Swift were spotted walking out of the stadium hand in hand before hopping onto a cart and being driven to a waiting car.

Kelce, meanwhile, remained stony-faced and stared straight ahead after the big defeat

In a picture of the couple, Swift can be seen attempting to comfort a very dejected Kelce after he had washed and changed into his pre-game attire before leaving for home.


As they depart Arrowhead together, Taylor Swift gives her beau Travis Kelce a tender look.After that, Swift waved back to the onlookers as she and Kelce were driven to a waiting car.After the significant loss, Kelce, on the other hand, stayed stony-faced and looked straight ahead.

Swift, on the other hand, had changed her outfit from her red and black Chiefs jumper to all-black, maybe to fit her man’s mood after a demanding day.

In an exclusive DailyMail.com video shot seconds later, Swift is seen waving to fans as the cart whisks them away, as Kelce looks shocked next to her.

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Now that they have more time to spend together, Swift can enjoy her 34th birthday on Wednesday.

The music sensation has experienced an amazing week following her designation as TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year.


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