Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr’s 3rd Charity auction sets new fundraising record




TR MG 3822There were a total of 27 items up for auction, which included two jerseys signed by Jimmy Butler, which the athlete wore during the NBA finals, a pair of sneakers worn during the game he broke the record for points in his career, a carnival experience in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with Sabrina Sato, and a National Team jersey signed by Neymar, Mbappé, and Messi. The night’s event host’s outfit, which included a jacket, a gold necklace, and a Rolex watch, was the most expensive item up for sale, fetching R$1,2 million all together.




More than 900 people, including sports, celebrities, personalities, and business owners, were welcomed by Neymar Jr. and his family. Virgínia Fonseca, Rafaella Santos, Rodrygo Goes, Seu Jorge, Patrícia Poeta, Déborah Secco, Celso Portiolli, Luciana Gimenez, and Patrícia Abravanel were also present on the event stage.



The completion of yet another edition of the Auction and what it means to the kids at the INJR satisfied the night’s primary attraction, the outstanding Neymar Jr. “I’m pleased to see all of the artists, visitors, and invited parties here—it’s more than just an auction on behalf of the Instituto. I’m overjoyed about this.



The entire amount raised by the auction will go towards programmes created by the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr., which helps 3,000 kids and teens in the Jardim Glória Neighbourhood in Praia Grande. These programmes affect over 10,000 individuals.


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