Gal Gadot’s second round has less fat and more muscle after giving birth three times

At the age of 37 and after being a mother of three, Gal Gadot has managed to showcase her well-defined and toned abdominal muscles. She attributes this to her consistent workout routine at the gym, following a Mediterranean-style diet, and staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. The celebrity recently made headlines when she posted some pictures on her social media showing off her slim waistline while wearing a bikini. Surprisingly, it’s been just 14 months since she gave birth to her third child. After giving herself three months to recover from childbirth, the actress resumed her workout regime to keep herself in shape for her work commitments.

Gal Gadot's toned and neat figure after giving birth three times.

Gal Gadot managed to keep her body fit and toned even after giving birth to her children. She maintains her physique by working out three to four times a week with her trainer and nutritionist, Magnus Lygdback. Her fitness routine consists of interval training exercises that enhance her flexibility and endurance, and heavy weightlifting that helps build her muscles and strength. Gadot learned from her trainer that the food she eats is equally important when working out for several hours, so she follows the Mediterranean diet, which she loves cooking and eating. In an interview with Shape magazine, she revealed this information.

Gal Gadot doesn't abstain too harshly but always remembers the rule: You are what you eat.

Gal Gadot takes a balanced approach to her eating habits, believing that what you eat can impact your overall health and wellbeing. Her diet is inspired by the Mediterranean style of eating, which focuses on plant-based foods, whole grains, beans, and olive oil. She limits her consumption of other fats like butter and prefers fish over meat and poultry for protein. While she enjoys eggs, milk, and chicken, she eats them in moderation and avoids refined carbs and sugar whenever possible. Although Gal Gadot admits to indulging in fast food occasionally, she strives to maintain a healthy diet most of the time. Staying hydrated is also important to her, and she drinks enough water throughout the day, even starting her mornings with a glass of water. In addition to her physical health, she prioritizes her mental health and practices meditation as a way to balance both aspects of her wellbeing.

Having a mother who is a physical education teacher, the actress created a habit of exercising and being physically active from a very early age.

Gal Gadot was exposed to physical fitness at an early age because of her mother’s profession as a physical education teacher. Despite being born in Israel in 1985, her ancestry is quite diverse with roots in Czech, Polish, Austrian, and German bloodlines. Her career took a major turn after winning the Miss Israel 2004 pageant, which led to her starring role as Gisele in the “Fast & Furious” film series. This breakthrough brought her recognition and eventually landed her the iconic role of Wonder Woman in DC’s superhero universe. Currently, Gadot is happily married to businessman Yaron Varsano and is proud to be a mother of three children.

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