“Fitness Secrets of Jennifer Lawrence: How her Personal Trainer Helped her Achieve a Stunning Body for the Oscars, Including Post-Workout Burger and Fries Indulgence!”

Jennifer Lawrence is famous for being vocal about her opposition to dieting and body image pressures, but this did not stop her from looking gorgeous on the red carpet recently. Despite being a self-declared pizza lover, the Oscar nominee has managed to maintain her impressive figure by consuming the right foods at the right time and exercising in a manner customized to her needs. Her former personal trainer, Dalton Wong, reveals that Jennifer achieved her stunning body without resorting to any starvation diets. In this article, Healthista interviews Wong to discover more about his approach to helping J-Law achieve her enviable physique.

As Miss Lawrence made her way down the red carpet at the Oscars, all eyes were on her. The talented actress had been nominated for her outstanding performance in the movie Joy. Her personal trainer, Wong, revealed that they had an intense workout routine that consisted of high-intensity cardio exercises in the mornings. In the evenings, they would do more relaxing activities, such as yoga. There were days when Wong took her to have a massage to help her relax and rejuvenate.

Jennifer Lawrence arrives at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in incredible shape. Celebrity Dalton Wong reveals the secrets to her success in achieving her svelte physique

Jennifer Lawrence showed up at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party looking fantastic in her amazing figure. Celebrity Dalton Wong has shared the insider tips on how she accomplished such a sleek physique.

Miss Lawrence shows off her slim waistline at the Oscar party in Beverly Hills as her once personal-trainer Dalton Wong reveals how  he helped her to understand her body's needs,  exercise, when to unwind, and how to enjoy food

At the Oscar party in Beverly Hills, Miss Lawrence flaunted her slim waistline, thanks to the guidance of her former personal trainer, Dalton Wong. Wong, who is also the founder of private gym Twenty Two Training in West London, has trained several celebrities such as Amanda Seyfried, Zoë Kravitz, and Kit Harrington. He helped Miss Lawrence understand her body’s needs, develop an exercise routine, and taught her when to take a break and enjoy food. They first worked together in 2010, when Wong trained her for three months to prepare for her role as Mystique in X-Men: First Class.

Miss Lawrence says they have remained good friends, and when she’s in London she loves to train in his gym

According to Miss Lawrence, she and Dalton Wong have remained close friends over the years. She enjoys training at his gym whenever she’s in London. In her book, Lawrence praises Wong for helping her transform her body and lifestyle. He taught her to understand her body’s needs, exercise regularly, relax when needed, and enjoy food without dieting. The actress appreciates that Wong helped her lead a healthy but delicious life. During the filming of X-Men: First Class, they spent up to 12 hours a day together. Their daily workout routine consisted of running, weightlifting, yoga, resistance, and squats. The book also includes workout plans that Wong and J-Law did together, such as the Espresso Energiser and Anti-Ager. Wong said some days, he would take her for a massage or do relaxing yoga in the evenings after high-intensity workouts in the mornings.

Celebrity trainer Dalton Wong says that when he trained J-Law he devised workouts that would make her feel good, and get her in great shape without it being detrimental to her work

According to Dalton Wong, the trainer of the renowned celebrity J-Law, he created workout routines that aimed to enhance her well-being and fitness level without interfering with her work commitments. Wong followed The Feelgood Plan, a combination of healthy eating habits and exercise, to help J-Law achieve the strong and toned body required for her superhero role in just a short span of three months. Additionally, a top tip to remember is that chewing food properly releases more nutrients.

In the lead up to X-Men: First Class, when J-Law played Mystique, they spent between 10-12 hours a day together

Before X-Men: First Class, Jennifer Lawrence played Mystique and spent around 10-12 hours with her trainer, Wong. He says that he taught her about nutrition and exercise, and helped to shape her early career. Wong emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet and teaches his clients about eating protein and vegetables, and avoiding processed foods and sugar. He also believes that it’s essential to listen to your body and do exercises that make you feel good, rather than exhausted. Wong’s goal is to make his clients feel better, fitter, and stronger, without negatively impacting their work or personal life.

‘I couldn’t exhaust Jennifer so much that she felt so sore at work the next day, my job was to make her feel better, fitter, and stronger, so that she could work better, says Wong

Jennifer’s well-being was Wong’s top priority, and he aimed to help her feel better, fitter, and stronger at work. Wong emphasizes the importance of listening to one’s body as a key factor in promoting health and wellness. He believes that a balanced approach to exercise, incorporating yoga, pilates, and meditation, is essential in leading a happier and healthier life. Wong also acknowledges the pleasure of indulging in treats like chocolate and ice-cream, as long as you nourish your body and don’t deprive it of essential nutrients. Furthermore, Wong suggests that a healthy diet involves consuming high-protein foods during breakfast and lunch but avoiding them during dinner. This approach not only keeps you feeling fuller for longer but also prevents overworking your digestive system by eating protein-heavy meals before bedtime. In summary, Wong’s advice for a healthy lifestyle includes being mindful of your body’s needs, balancing exercise and diet, and enjoying treats in moderation.

Eating vegetables as a main meal at night can help aid digestion, Wong says

According to Wong, incorporating vegetables as the main course for dinner can aid in digestion. He emphasizes the significance of consuming appropriate foods at specific times to achieve desired outcomes. For example, having a breakfast consisting of quinoa or rice could enhance focus during business meetings, and devouring baked sweet potatoes with avocado for lunch could maximize workout potential. Therefore, matching food choices to meet particular goals is crucial. Wong recommends pondering if each meal consumed will help or hinder aspirations. If bloating is an issue, Wong suggests identifying trigger foods since individuals have varying reactions to certain foods such as gluten, dairy, lentils, and salads. Eliminating suspected trigger foods one-by-one is a simple method for discovering what causes bloating. For instance, if bread causes bloating, it should be avoided, and if chickpeas do not cause bloating, they can be included in the diet.

‘Dalton taught me how to eat, move and live a delicious but healthy life. I will always thank him for that’

Wong has been an influential figure in teaching me how to lead a healthy yet delicious lifestyle. I am grateful for the lessons he has imparted upon me. However, Wong advises that before eliminating certain foods, it’s essential to identify which foods cause bloating. Otherwise, you might exclude foods that are beneficial to your health. He emphasizes the importance of creating a personalized diet plan based on your body’s needs and triggers instead of blindly following any diet plan available online. Wong concludes by stating that people should learn to be their own nutritionist and trainer. His book, The Feelgood Plan: Happier, Healthier and Slimmer in 15 minutes a day, aims to educate people on listening to their bodies to feel good. The book is available for purchase on Amazon for £10.49. This article was originally published on Healthista and has been reprinted with permission.

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