“Drake’s Dazzling Tribute to Michael Jackson’s Record: Male Solo Artist With Most Number-One Hits on Billboard Hot 100 Chart”

On Monday, Drake marked his achievement of tying with Michael Jackson for most number-one hits by a male solo artist on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The rapper shared multiple pictures on his Instagram account to commemorate the occasion after his new track, “First Person Shooter,” featuring J. Cole, debuted at number one on the charts. However, some fans have criticized the comparison, stating that it’s not fair due to the differences in the way data is collected now in the ‘streaming era.’ Despite this, Drake was quick to celebrate, wearing a shining glove reminiscent of Jackson’s in several of his photos. In one image, he smiled broadly while holding a cocktail and sporting the accessory during a night out. Additionally, he added a dancing Jackson-inspired gif to one of his posts. Notably, Drake’s latest album featured his six-year-old son, Adonis.

Major achievement: Drake celebrated tying with Michael Jackson for most number-one hits by a male solo artist on the Billboard Hot 100 chart by sharing several photos on his Instagram account on Monday

Drake recently celebrated a major accomplishment by tying with the late Michael Jackson for the most number-one hits by a male solo artist on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The singer took to Instagram to share his joy, posting several pictures. One image shows his glove while enjoying a drink, and another shows him dressed like Jackson in his younger years. He added a text graphic to express that this was a ‘full circle moment’ for him. Drake also shared an edited photo of Jackson wearing a hoodie with the OVO Sound logo, which stirred some excitement among fans. The achievement comes after Drake’s ninth studio album, For All the Dogs, debuted earlier this month, featuring two singles: Slime You Out and 8AM in Charlotte. However, there was some controversy surrounding the cover art for Slime You Out, which featured a picture of Halle Berry without her permission.


Bottoms up: The Find Your Love singer went on to share a photo of his glove that was taken as he enjoyed a second drink

Let’s raise a glass: The artist behind Find Your Love posted a picture of his hand wearing a glove while sipping on a second beverage.

In costume: Drake also posted a photo that had been taken during his younger years and showed him dressed like Jackson during his Thriller era

While in character, Drake shared a snapshot from his past that captured his Thriller-era Michael Jackson costume.

Hee hee! The hitmaker went on to share a heavily edited photo on his Instagram account that showed Jackson wearing a hoodie bearing one of the logos for OVO Sound

Ha ha! The music producer then posted a picture on his Instagram profile which had been significantly altered. It portrayed Jackson sporting a hoodie adorned with the emblem of OVO Sound.

Signature accessory: The late performer became known for wearing his sparkling glove during various public appearances and performances; he is seen in 2001

One of the most iconic accessories associated with the late performer is the dazzling glove that he often sported during his public appearances and onstage performances, as captured in a photo from 2001.

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