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Wearing a low-cut dress, “Kylie Jenner copy” Demi Rose shows off her “fiery” bust, burning viewers’ eyes

Wearing a tight, low-cut white dress, “Kylie Jenner copy” Demi Rose makes fans “burn their eyes” when showing off her plump, “fiery” bust.

Recently, the “lingerie queen” British Demi Rose, who is known as “Kylie Jenner clone”, has released a set of model photos for the fashion brand Pretty Little Thing.

Accordingly, the 25-year-old beauty performed in a white dress that hugged her body, showing off her hot curves and plump bust.

It is known that the photos were taken while Demi Rose lived in Ibiza. The hot British model moved to this island to live and work in the past year due to the impact of the CоVID-19 pandemic.

The British beauty has been involved in the modeling industry since she was 18 years old. At that time, she signed a contract with a management company and strengthened her career more and more over time.

оn Instagram with more than 16 million followers, Demi Rose often shares her hottest images and receives “rain of compliments”.

A few other images of “Kylie Jenner clone” leaving netizens speechless.

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