Demi Rose Fl͏a͏u͏n͏t͏s͏ H͏e͏r͏ O͏v͏e͏r͏s͏i͏ze͏d͏ “B͏u͏s͏t͏” in Bold Display: Unapologetic Confidence Takes Center Stage

tgirl Demi Rose openly shows off her “bust” again; oversized

The 23-year-old model and social media hotgirl stood out at a dinner party in London, England, on December 3 when she wore a tight dress that showed off her oversized bust.

Demi Rose attended a party in London, England, on the evening of December 3. She attracted all eyes when wearing a silk dress that hugged her body, showing off her fiery curves.

The dress with the emphasis on the “bust” Makes Demi Rose more sexy.

Demi Rose is one of the hotgirls on social networks and makes a lot of money through modeling and representing brands thanks to her fiery body and sexy poses.


The British beauty has become famous on social networks and the media in the past 3 years thanks to her frequent showing off on social networks. Besides, Demi is also a guest at many events in the entertainment industry.

Demi Rose has always affirmed that her curves are completely natural and are achieved through a strict exercise and diet regimen. “I always try to keep myself healthy. If I have to go on a business trip, I don’t have time to practice, but I will still try to maintain it.”


Famous as a photo model, Demi Rose’s biggest ambition is to be a movie actress. She cherishes the desire to participate in a Hollywood blockbuster in the future.



The 9x generation beauty revealed that she plans to move to Los Angeles to develop her acting career. She recently shared with The Sun newspaper: “Cinema has always been my number one passion since I entered acting school. My ambition is to become a Bond Girl, because I like the style of such movies.”


Demi Rose’s personal page is always filled with sexy images and that’s why she is very famous in the online community.

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