“Choreographer of Rihanna claps back at Drake with a throwback photo of the singer rejecting his kiss at an awards show”

Following the release of Drake’s new song Fear Of Heights, which seemingly took aim at Rihanna, her choreographer has spoken out in defense of the singer. Rihanna and Drake were rumored to have an on-and-off romance from 2009 to 2018, leading to speculation that Drake still had feelings for her after their split. However, Drake’s lyrics suggest that he has moved on and even takes a swipe at Rihanna’s accent. He also makes comments about the quality of their past relationship and seems to reference Rihanna’s current relationship with A$AP Rocky. Despite this, Rihanna’s choreographer has stood up for her, highlighting her talent and dismissing Drake’s remarks.

Diss track: Rihanna's choreographer has come to her defence after Drake appeared to take multiple swipes at the singer in the scathing lyrics of his newly released song Fear Of Heights (pictured in 2016)

A diss track was recently released by Drake called “Fear of Heights” where he seemingly took multiple shots at Rihanna. However, her choreographer has spoken up in support of the singer.

Brokenhearted: The Umbrella hitmaker, 35, and the rapper, 36, were trailed by on-and-off romance rumors from 2009 to 2018, and since their last split there has been speculation that Drake failed to get over her (pictured in 2010)

Heartbroken: The popular singer of “Umbrella”, aged 35, and the rapper, aged 36, were rumored to have an on-and-off relationship from 2009 to 2018. Recent rumors suggest that Drake has been unable to move on since their last breakup. (Pictured in 2010)

Attack: Drake insisted that he had moved on and after a torrent of bile towards his ex, he sneers: 'And I had way badder b****es than you, TBH' (pictured in 2016)

Drake made it clear that he has moved on from his past relationship with Rihanna and took a shot at her new partner, A$AP Rocky, in one of his songs. He raps about how A$AP Rocky can’t leave Rihanna and how he’s glad he’s not in that position. Drake also mentions their vacation spot, which happens to be in the Lesser Antilles, where Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have visited multiple times. Drake also references Rihanna’s album, Anti, by shouting “I’m anti.” Although Rihanna hasn’t responded to the diss track, her friend and frequent collaborator, Parris Goebel, shared a throwback photo of Drake and Rihanna at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards on her Instagram Stories. The moment went viral when Drake professed his love for her while presenting her with an award.

Bitter: As the song went on, he sniped that 'the sex was average with you' and even seemed to take aim at her current relationship with A$AP Rocky (pictured with Rihanna this week)

Sour: In the midst of the song, he made a snarky comment about the unsatisfying sexual experience he had with her. He also indirectly mentioned her current romantic involvement with A$AP Rocky (who was recently spotted with Rihanna).

On her side: While Rihanna hasn't responded to the 'diss track', dancer Parris Goebel, (pictured last week) who has frequently collaborated with the star and choreographed her Super Bowl halftime performance, spoke up for her

Despite being the subject of a ‘diss track’, Rihanna has not responded directly. However, her frequent collaborator and Super Bowl halftime performance choreographer, Parris Goebel, spoke out in support of her. During an acceptance speech, Goebel declared his love and admiration for Rihanna, whom he considers one of his best friends. As Rihanna went to kiss him on the cheek, Drake leaned in for a proper kiss, but she pulled away and said something unintelligible. In a 2018 interview with Vogue, Rihanna discussed her relationship with Drake after rejecting his kiss at the VMAs, stating that they are not enemies but no longer friends. The two were first seen kissing in 2009 after Rihanna’s split from Chris Brown, who had physically assaulted her. While Rihanna briefly reunited with Brown, she maintained that she and Drake were just friends. In 2010, a hurt Drake admitted feeling used by Rihanna.

On blast: Parris took to her Instagram Stories to share a throwback snap of Drake leaning in to kiss Rihanna at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

Parris went on her Instagram Stories and posted an old photo of Drake about to kiss Rihanna during the MTV Video Music Awards in 2016.

Iconic: The moment went viral seven years ago, after Drake professed his love for Rihanna while presenting her with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and tried to kiss her

The viral moment that occurred seven years ago involved Drake declaring his love for Rihanna and attempting to kiss her while presenting her with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. He later admitted to realizing that he had been exhibiting the same behavior towards women that he had criticized in the past. He also expressed being hurt by the situation but refused to blame Rihanna. In subsequent years, his public remarks about her were poetic, such as describing her as his “ultimate fantasy.” The matching shark tattoos they acquired in 2016 fueled rumors of a romantic relationship until Rihanna’s comments to Vogue two years later.

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