“Celebratory Sips: Jennifer Lawrence Starts the Wine Party Early and Jumps Over Seats at the Academy Awards”

Jennifer Lawrence was seen indulging in wine during the 90th Annual Academy Awards, which comes as no surprise after she previously confessed to being drunk at a Red Sparrow premiere. The actress, who is 27 years old, appeared to enjoy the free drinks and even hammed it up during the ceremony held at the Hollywood and Highland Center.

Hamming it up: Jennifer Lawrence let loose at Sunday's 90th Annual Academy Awards as she struggled to find her seat

Getting into the spirit of things, Jennifer Lawrence was seen hamming it up at the 90th Annual Academy Awards this Sunday, posing for the cameras as she searched for her seat.

The beautiful blonde was in high spirits, holding a glass of white wine while socializing with other party-goers. She had some difficulty finding her seat, and was caught on camera flashing a bit of leg as she lifted her dress to jump over a few chairs. Jennifer Lawrence took the time to greet a number of celebrities at the Oscars, including Steven Spielberg, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Plummer, and Meryl Streep. Ultimately, she ended up sitting right beside her best friend Emma Stone, sharing in many laughter-filled moments with the star of La La Land. Jennifer looked absolutely stunning in a spaghetti-strapped, gold-embellished Dior gown.

 Hanging out: The actress rested her leg between two chairs as she flashed a mischievous look

Chilling: With a playful expression, the female performer propped up her leg in between a pair of seats.

Cheers to that! The Oscar-winning star's strap fell down as she treated herself to a wine 

Here’s to celebrating life’s little mishaps! A well-known actress who’s won an Academy Award had a momentary wardrobe malfunction when the strap of her dress slipped down while she enjoyed a glass of wine.

The Passengers star struggled to find her seat and was pictured flashing her leg as she lifted up her dress seemingly preparing to hop over some of the chairs

The leading actress of Passengers had some trouble while trying to locate her designated seat, and photographs captured her accidentally revealing her leg as she raised her dress in an attempt to navigate around some of the seats.

Look at me! Jennifer was having a wild time on the red carpet as she commanded attention in front of the cameras 

Check it out! Jennifer was having a blast on the red carpet and stealing the limelight in front of the cameras. She had rocked her thick blonde locks in beachy waves and adorned her eyes with dramatic makeup, combined with orange-red lips to complete her look. Jennifer donned Roger Vivier shoes and bag, alongside Niwaka jewelry that perfectly matched her dress. Interestingly, just this week Jennifer confessed that she had attended the New York premiere of her movie Red Sparrow while being drunk.

Jokers! The Red Sparrow star appeared on stage with Jodie Foster to present the Best Actress prize, and roasted nominee Meryl Streep in the process  

What a bunch of comedians! During the Best Actress presentation at an awards show, the star of Red Sparrow joined forces with Jodie Foster to deliver some playful jabs towards Meryl Streep, who was one of the nominees.

Fancy seeing you here! Jennifer had big hugs for Steven Spielberg and Woody Harrelson

Fancy seeing you here! Jennifer had big hugs for Steven Spielberg and Woody Harrelson

Well, look who it is! Jennifer was thrilled to greet both Steven Spielberg and Woody Harrelson with warm hugs.

Hollywood royalty: JLaw caught up with Oscar-winner Meryl Streep who looked amazing in a plunging red gown

In Tinseltown, two of its most esteemed actresses crossed paths. Jennifer Lawrence had a moment with none other than Meryl Streep, who dazzled in a stunning red dress with a plunging neckline. The two Hollywood legends shared the same space and looked absolutely fabulous doing so!

Kisses: The actress was in a great mood as she chatted to fellow Oscars guests

The Hollywood star was in high spirits at the Oscars event, chatting with other guests and enjoying herself. During a recent radio interview with Andy Cohen, she confessed that she had been overindulging in alcohol before appearing on his show, Watch What Happens Live. She continued to party after the interview, attending the premiere of Red Sparrow and appearing on Colbert’s show. Despite feeling like a “goth queen,” she admitted that she looked more like a “goth queen on crack” in the photos from the premiere. The actress, originally from Kentucky, seemed to take it all in good fun and laughed about her appearance.

Everything's funny! The 27-year-old star giggled away as she finally found her seat

The young celebrity couldn’t contain her laughter as she eventually located her designated spot. To her, everything seemed comical!

Dazzling: Even on the red carpet the Hunger Games star couldn't help but ham it up

Sparkling: The celebrity from Hunger Games couldn’t resist showing off her playful side, even while walking down the red carpet.

Golden girl: Jennifer shimmered in a metallic Dior gown as she arrived at the event in Hollywood

Radiant Jennifer dazzled in a shimmery Dior dress when she graced the Hollywood event.

Vision in gold: Lawrence showed off her slender figure in an embellished gown with spaghetti straps

Vision in gold: Lawrence showed off her slender figure in an embellished gown with spaghetti straps

Lawrence was a sight to behold in her stunning gold gown with spaghetti straps, perfect for highlighting her svelte figure. As for the Oscars ceremony, viewers can expect to see a star-studded cast of presenters including Helen Mirren, Emily Blunt, Sandra Bullock, and Nicole Kidman. Other notable names include Dave Chappelle, Jane Fonda, Jodie Foster, Lupita Nyong’o, and Christopher Walken, among others. While some presenters have spoken out against Harvey Weinstein’s alleged misconduct, host Jimmy Kimmel has stated that he will not dwell on the scandal during the show. In addition to these presenters, audiences can also look forward to appearances from Gal Gadot, Mark Hamill, and last year’s winners Mahershala Ali, Emma Stone, and Viola Davis.

The Passengers star wore her locks in thick waves and she accessorized with Niwaka jewelry

The celebrity from Passengers flaunted her hair styled in luscious waves while also adding some bling to her look with Niwaka jewelry.

'I looked like I had electroshock therapy.' Jennifer joked of her appearance at the New York premiere of Red Sparrow this week where she arrived drunk

Jennifer made a humorous comment about her appearance at the New York premiere of Red Sparrow this week, stating that she resembled someone who had undergone electroshock therapy. She arrived at the event under the influence of alcohol.

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