Benzema receives news that could sign failure of the Arabia and Cristiano project



Karim Benzema has received news that have define his future.

The project from the Saudi Arabia league might be ready to make some changes in order to secure they could also get some better results in the near future now.

Karim Benzema has been one of the players that now seems to be looking to go ahead and leave the Saudi Arabia league and his team Al Ittihad, and the fact is that right now this could be the sign that there are several players that might be regretting their decision to actually make the move and this could force the project to actually fail for the team right now.


Now it has been confirmed that the Al Ittihad is not willing to let Karim Benzema leave them in the current transfer window, despite the player looking to get rid of his contract that earns him a 100 million euro per year as his salary, and the fact is that right now he might be looking to complete his time on the league but this could set an example now.

And the fact is that right now Karim Benzema is one of the several players that is looking to get back to the European football after spending some time in the league, but the main reason seems to be that the fans of the country are not really interested and there are a lot of empty stadiums every single game.

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be keen to make sure that the project actually continues and the fact is that right now he might be looking to make some changes that would allow him to secure that several players from the european leagues would like to make the move and continue the project of the team with some great players in the next part of the season for the team now.

Karim Benzema future

Now it seems that despite the interest of teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal to sign Karim Benzema, the fact is that right now the french striker might have to stay in the Saudi Arabia league for the next part of the season to get results.

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