Barcelona superstar Neymar works his magic with his hands as he tattoos pal in parlour



BARCELONA ace Neymar is no stranger to showing off his collection of tattoos.

But the Brazilian star decided to try his hand at inking when given the opportunity to have a go on the gun himself.

Neymar had this stunning tattoo etched onto his forearmCredit: CEN


Neymar and his close friend show off the finished productCredit: CEN

Neymar, 25, visited a tattoo studio in Barcelona to get more artwork etched onto his body by his close friend Adao Rosa.

However the roles were soon reversed after Rosa trusted Neymar to tattoo his own signature on his calf.


Neymar, who is seen concentrating on the work, uploaded a video to Instagram alongside the caption: ‘Making my first tattoo on the brave @adaorosatattoo.’

Neymar is snapped trying tattooing for himselfCredit: CEN

Before that Rosa had added a stunning black and grey tattoo of the striker’s young son Davi Lucca on Neymar’s inner forearm.


The picture of the child holding his finger to his lip joins a tribute to his sister and a new one of his father’s eye in Neymar’s family ink collection.

Neymar tattooed his own signature onto Adao Rosa’s calfCredit: CEN


Barcelona ace Neymar has tattoos of his family etched onto his bodyCredit: CEN

Neymar had his father’s eye tattooed onto his armCredit: CEN

Neymar later shared a collection of pictures of his new tattoo on social media.


Brazilian Rosa, who is famed for his black-and-grey tattoo designs, is a close friend of Neymar and was in Barcelona as part of his European tour.

And he will now have his compatriot’s signature among his own vast collection of tattoos forever.

Alongside a picture of the autograph, Rosa included the caption: “Look at the result! Thanks, man, for the tattoo.”

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