“Adonis turns six! Drake treats fans to adorable new snaps of his son on social media”

On Wednesday, Drake used his Instagram story to celebrate his son Adonis’ sixth birthday. The 36-year-old musician welcomed Adonis with artist Sophie Brussaux on October 11, 2017. Drake shared two new photos of his son on his story, one of Adonis sitting in a chair with a smile on his face while wearing blue shorts, and another of Drake with his arm around both Adonis’ mother and his own mother, all three of them grinning widely. Recently, Drake announced that he will be taking a break due to stomach issues.

Celebrate: Drake took to his Instagram story on Wednesday to celebrate his son Adonis' sixth birthday, sharing new snaps of his son

Let’s toast to Adonis’ sixth birthday! Drake made his way to Instagram yesterday to share some fresh pics of his beloved son.

Birthday boy: The second snap showed the singer showing off a toothy grin with one arm around his mother Sandi and the other around Adonis' mother, Sophie Brussaux

The person celebrating their birthday was captured in two photos. In the second picture, the singer can be seen grinning widely as he puts his arms around his mom and Adonis’ mom, Sophie Brussaux.

Drake captured a heartwarming moment with his son Adonis, who posed with a smile and a raised fist for the camera. The rapper captioned the photo with ‘BIG 6 errrrrer.’ Recently, Adonis made his debut in his father’s music video for the single 8 AM in Charlotte. Interestingly, Adonis’ hand-drawn artwork was also used as the cover for Drake’s latest album, For All the Dogs. In the music video, Drake asked Adonis about his artwork, to which the young boy replied in a charming manner, explaining the story behind it. Drake was impressed by the concept and asked his son if it was a little story, to which Adonis confirmed that it was. Drake also inquired about the letters ‘SBW’ on the artwork, but there was no significant meaning behind them, as Adonis simply wrote them because he wanted to.

Appearing: Last week, Adonis made his music video debut, appearing in the video for his father's new single 8 AM in Charlotte

Last week marked Adonis’ entrance into the music video scene as he made his debut appearance in his father’s latest single, 8 AM in Charlotte.

Story: Drake responds to the concept as he wonders if it was a 'little story' to which his son confirmed that it was

Drake reacted to the notion by pondering if it was a “small tale,” but his kid verified that it indeed was.

After showing off his son’s artistic skills on Instagram, Drake asks him if he likes the letters and if that means Daddy is the GOAT (greatest of all-time) since his name is next to the goat. Adonis confirms his father is correct, but then jokes when asked about how much money he received for the artwork. In a sarcastic tone, he scoffs and says “Oh please!” in response to his father’s question. It’s clear that the youngster not only has talent, but a good sense of humor as well.

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